Thursday, April 26, 2012

Have been listening to old "Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio" shows, cataloging the better performances, and also the musical instruction and thoughts spinets I often included (might release them all together on a CD someday). In the car this morning, I was listening to myself respond to a YouTube comment asking for advice. Going through old journal notes in my hard drive later in the morning and, coincidentally, came across the response to a question of "What excercises do I have to do to learn to play like that?": (I answered) "Listen and absorb. Play purposely, no matter how simply. Use a metronome, set on 2 and 4 (you may have to work up to that). Keep the tempos modest. Experiment freely. Practice in all keys. About the best I can do in 500 characters or less :)" On the radio show, I broke it down to the 6 separate items, addressing one each show, in succession. The one I heard this morning was an expansion of: "experiment freely". This sounds a bit odd, perhaps, but whenever I actually listen to the (musical) advise I give, I learn something. 


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