Sunday, June 03, 2012

Took this picture some time ago. (cropdusting season). Though I've lived on DelmarVa for over 15 years now, the kid from the burbs still get distracted by all this. I felt silly standing in my front yard for 20 min or so trying to capture something with my cell phone camera. The plane actually buzzed us a lot closer, but you get the idea. When growing up, one of the career paths (when we, as students were compelled to explore such things) on my mind was aviation. Not really sure why, as I'm never entirely comfortable in an airplane. Our high school even had an Aviation elective, which I took (but never got to play with the flight simulator). Think there may be an esoteric/exoteric thing going on here. These days (all kind of grown up-ish) it's less compelling to me. I know someone who owns a small plane, and uses it as his escape. When he's alone in the sky looking down over the landscape, he can enjoy the detachment. I think I've come to understand that detachment, for me, is another place, or realm. We can only escape to the places we know. I am both convinced that I know less than I ever thought I did, as well as knowing more than I realized. 


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