Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patiently Learning

 Essential thoughts, that are clear enough in our minds to direct our paths, may never reach the surface level of sensory experience in the form of words. I've just had to re-read the last sentence several times before being able to contemplate continuing. Of course, I write from the uniqueness of my experiences, but I am also aware that this experience of verbal inadequacy is not unique to me. Where this (ultimately) leads, is not to only the limitations of words, but rather the limitations of sensory experience in the temporal realm (for those of us inclined to take notice).
What does that say, or suggest, about the created (temporal) realm? There is much going on beneath the surface. In fact, that’s where it’s all happening. In stillness, we view, and know what cannot be expressed. Then, in continued stillness, and detachment from ourselves (or self-focus) expression appears, and beckons us to follow. Now, as the layers continue to unfold for me, I find the root of stillness: patience.
Patience can be disconcerting, uncomfortable, and just plain hard. It just may be, though, the root of all good.


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