Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chestertown Jazz Festival

On Saturday, September 15, the revived Chestertown Jazz festival took sail; picking up anchor after 6 years in dry dock. Pictured above is the beautiful view out from the back end of the festival tent (I lamented not getting a picture of Sultana sailing on the Chester river, as a backdrop for the festival, so was happy to find this picutre posted on the Kent county Arts Council's Facebook page, among others from the event). The day was just, perfect. 

I brought the team along. Joe Jr, my promotions manager, sets up the CD table. His quick and clear headed decisions improved the sales of several artist's CDs (and of course, mine). He takes his job seriously.
Robert came along to help his brother, and was promptly given a Festival Staff badge, and put to work. His was the first face many attendees saw (and a good first face to see), as he worked a table at the main entrance.

Approaching the back of the tent; the area (of any venue) that performers know best. Jeff Gruber, of Blue House Productions (the same Jeff Gruber that engineered my new CD release) lead the sound team (he's probably in there somewhere. He was everywhere that day).

Mine was the first set of the 5 jazz groups performing. Not pictured are Mike Buccino and Mike McShane (all the mikes I need). We felt the love.

 Then, stepping to the back to transition Felicia Carter (performing as ShookShack, with bassist Amy Shook) to the stage.

Bob, Felicia, Frank, Amy and Donato perform Felica's original music.

After Project Natale and Giacomo Gates, it was time to move in close to catch the headliner; Frederic Yonet. I kept floating around, finding old friends and making new. Don't have the official number, but it's likely that the festival sold over 1,000 admissions i total. Some came near the beginning, in time for my set, and stayed the duration. Many floated in and out throughout the day. I think everyone agrees; the 2012 Chestertown Jazz Festival was a great success! Congratulations, and thanks to Mel Rapelyea, and the Board of Directors of the Chestertown Jazz Festival for a wonderful day! 


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