Friday, October 26, 2012

25th Anniversary Trip

After the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, Carol (who came with me to Rehoboth for the weekend) and I drove straight to the airport to do something we haven't done in 25 years (since our honeymoon): take a trip together. The first picture Carol took (on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge) was of her favorite subject: sunsets. Set the tone for "Yes, we really are doing this!".
When I planned this trip, I really wanted to go on a cruise; something that Carol has always wanted to do. I had to dig a bit, but finally found (a grand total of) 2 that departed on a Monday (a necessity due to the Jazz Festival). One of them was perfect: a 4 day Bahamas cruise on the Monarch of the Seas. We flew into Florida on Sunday evening, and boarded the ship on Monday. The weather was nearly perfect over the entire time. 
It had to happen, though; on the last day of the trip, one of the passengers asked me: "Are you ... (I wait with anticipation) .. the one who played Santa Claus on the island?" Yes, the subtle transition continues. That evening, one of our waiters came to the same conclusion, exclaiming "Santa Claus!". Soon a group of them were singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". Good grief! Fortunately, we are among the last diners, and the room was mostly empty (trying to keep the cat in the bag).
   After a wonderful trip, we weren't finished. Com'on, really: are you going to fly in and out of Orlando without going to:
 Carol made good use of her camera throughout the trip, most of the time; I was characteristically oblivious when she said: "Stand over there", then took my picture. Sometimes, she just can't help herself.
The family wizard:
What Mr. and Mrs. Santa do in the off season:
                        And on our final night, we found our way to the castle:
Now, back to reality. But, Carol and I agree; we won't wait 25 years to do this again.


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