Tuesday, February 05, 2013

2013 has been both a challenging, and encouraging ride, so far. The challenging part happens every year around this time. Nearly every musician's performing schedule is lighter from around mid-January thru early March or so. Still busy though, in fact very busy. Of course, busy is my life. Or perhaps more accurately, chasing after (too many to be realistic) multiple spinning plates. In addition to running in circles, I am also standing still. Seeking a balance between chasing after things, and (simply) watching them grow, in their own time and way. As one who accepts providence (which can be problematic for some to embrace, and I understand), I can move far away from the emotional black hole that would tell me I am, ultimately, alone in all this.
Pictured above is my grandson, Kratos ("riding" Thomas the Tank Engine), on a recent family trip. Come as a child ... 


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