Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The big picture cannot be seen from a single point in the timeline, but can be contemplated, it seems. And it makes sense that intensities merge, in God's perfect order. Two weeks ago, my mother took a sudden downward turn. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease a few years ago, but seemed to be doing well, all things considered. Then, all of a sudden, that Thursday, she was gone. I woke early that morning, well before dawn, as many mornings over the last weeks, with personal explorations limiting my sleep. Tired, vulnerable, but with a deep sense of the positive workings of God in my life, I found myself suddenly in a new place. My mother (of whom I am the only child) was gone. And as it played out, it seemed that the 2 competing intensities were supporting each other. What would be a burden somehow, became balance. And, thru only the specific provisions of God for the time, I was able to perform my gig that evening. And a solo concert on Saturday night. And help my father through the process. And help in providing what became the perfect, and most lovely funeral service. And share in the writing of a song for my mother, played during the service. And understand that, as my mother, I am held in it all.   


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