Saturday, April 06, 2013

In my last post, I felt that I was on to something. And I was, but in perhaps, a blissfully clueless manner. We know what we know, at any given time, which isn't much. The process is both internal and external. And for those of us who actively and consciously engage in it, it can become all consuming; especially for folks like me. I have been criticized (or perhaps better put, chided) by some, that I will, from time to time, share things of a personal nature in my blogs, that people don't need to see (and frankly, don't want to, or much care about). And I am talking about the place where the personal meets the spiritual. And I couldn't disagree more. My entire life, it seems, has been a gradual unfolding of a path  on which I've been placed. And often, when I am closest to feeling that I know where I am, the road turns. Funny thing, though; at those moments, when I am inclined (or better put, compelled) to turn with the road, I find no place to land with my foot, other than directly in front of me. So I step. And I ponder (which is just me, and I accept that) what it all means. And I grow. And I wonder. And then, I know. And what is that (which I know)? That I trust God. "Woah, now", some inclined to chide will say: "This is your opinion, and you can't go there. Within yourself, fine, but not in some blog about your music career, where people want to know things that they care about, like your music - not to have religion thrown in their face". Really? What religion (Where? And who said anything about that?)? And what DO people really care about? Well, since I am a person, let me begin there (here). I care about meaning. I care about connecting the dots; about not wandering around (or falling into) a black hole. I care about how deeply something can go, and once understood, what lies beyond that. I care about touching places within myself, and the places that are touched within others, as a result. I care about, ultimately, that which I have no way of knowing; no way of understanding through my rational mind (alone). My mind will not rest; so much so that it will hurl me down into that black hole (seeing an image now of the final scene from the initial Star Wars movie, in which Darth Vader ultimately finds his redemption), until it touches my soul. And is that just me? Or, is this the human condition, and the struggle of all cultures, and all human perceptions, throughout history, and humanity? If your answer is the first of the two, then you likely have left already (so ... bye). If you are still here, then, like me, you acknowledge something. And right now, that's probably all that needs to be said.      


Blogger Michelle Thomas said...

This totally resonates. I blog as well and struggle with the "how much is too much." Michelle Thomas

Saturday, April 13, 2013  

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