Monday, February 25, 2013

Last week was rather amazing. I just realized that I haven't blogged about it at all. This, it seems, has been the pattern for some time. There are several factors at play, I think. The sheer weight of activity can leave little time for focus on anything else. But I suspect something additional is getting in the way: Facebook. And I also suspect I'm not the only casual blogger to be pulled in this direction. Facebook is quick, clean and targeted. For me, at least, blogging is time consuming, and several trips around the barn, compared to the more instant gratification of knowing who likes whatever it is, without having to say anything. But perhaps it's like trading the story for the sound byte. And the story tells the story. I'm going to try to bring more of a balance to all this, and maybe even catch up a bit on some of the cool stuff. The photo above is the view from the stage at the conclusion of the Women Helping Women concert at the Garfield Center (the theatre formerly known as Prince) last Wednesday. A wonderful evening, with it's own interweaving of stories supporting other stories. When I slow down enough to actually write about it, I am reminded of the importance of this kind of reflection. More than shortchanging anyone who may read, I may be shortchanging myself. Hmmmm....     


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