Thursday, July 25, 2013

God spaces. Or whatever terminology you choose. But if the "G" word is within you to use, then go there. Or be there. Years ago, the cable provider where we lived included a T.V. station that continuously played (Christian) praise music, accompanied by images of nature/creation; many of them stunning. I think I watched more of that channel than anything (not that I watch much television in the first place, but this just drew me in). Beauty, majesty, awe, wonder; these (along with other "places" like gratitude and compassion) pull our focus away from our own self centered places. And when we are not the center, that center (the universe) expands. Now to some of my Eastern friends, the directional imagery suggested by this may seem backwards. And to some of my Western (Christian) friends, the exhortation may seem insufficient, or vague.   
But every path begins someplace. And in each of us, that place is wherever we are. 


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