Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beth McDonald debuted a new show concept on Saturday night March 9, 2013, in a double billed event with me that we titled: "Singing Our Stories". Beth drew back the curtain a bit more on her singer/songwriter side. Well, really she just drew back the curtain. A singer/songwriter is who she is, and always has been. Being the  "jazz singer" was more of her access route to performance, beginning nearly a decade ago; which has now also taken root deep within her. And a love of gospel has always been there. This particular show; at the Garfield Center for the Arts in Chestertown, MD, was a bit of a milestone for us, in the ongoing thread of discovery, and ownership. More on this specific jourey in future blog posts. We posted 3 videos from the show: watch them here
Pictured above are Beth, Jeff Davis and myself, on the Garfield stage. Beth and I (often with Jeff, and sometimes with larger groups) will be continuing to present the "Singing our Stories" concert, along with other performances, as we travel this path. Our next Singing our Stories presentation will be at the Cabaret at Germano's, in Baltimore, MD on Friday evening July 19th. Other performance dates will be announced soon. 


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