Sunday, August 04, 2013

Tonight, Beth McDonald and I (joined by Jeff Davis, pictured) returned to Baywood Greens, in Long Neck, DE. It's been several years. Beth and I have performed there many times; but this evening, for the first time together. As you can see, it's a beautiful (and meticulously kept) venue. We are appreciative of friends (old and new) who came. We felt the connection, and the love. And as for our new performing unit, we are (also) most appreciative of our (already close) friend Jeff. He is, by all who know him, highly regarded (both) as a musician, and a human being. He is a true team player. Stay in touch with Beth's website (or mine) for where we will be performing, around the region. BTW - Beth and I will be at Baywood again next Saturday for a (now rare) duo performance. Feels like home, again and already. 


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