Thursday, July 24, 2014

Well, here I am; in the picture, and back on this blog. This one was taken by Mike McShane during a bayside gig, outdoors, in Dewey Beach, DE, a few weeks ago, as the sun was setting. Yes, I was taking pictures. Here is one of them:

Over the past months (better part of a year now), I have taken thousands of pictures (with my android phone) and have posted (often several) daily on Facebook. It has become quite a thing, actually. I have friends and fans who follow both my pictures and my music, and am encouraged just about daily to submit/exhibit/display/sell my photography. Okay, I actually am considering exploring a line of postcards. But, I am not a photographer. I am an artist, exploring what I can feel and find, and how that happens. My expression, to which I am called and committed, is from the piano. My explorations, lately, have included picture taking. And what I have come to grasp, which is actually profound (to me, at least), is that the essence of both pursuits are the same: step away from thought, and wait for it. Stop trying, embrace what already is, and is, in fact, fully formed already. Don't dissect, analyse or overthink; feel it (be still) and know. About 8 years ago, and chronicled in this blog, I came to the realization that music making is (for me) spiritual, and performance is prayer. After taking the conscious, or purposeful leap through that portal, and travelling the path for some time; here I am. And how would I express it today? It's about seeing, hearing, feeling and living from the heart; an open and surrendered heart. And it is a blessing, indeed. I know I have been guided and brought to this place, and it is for a purpose; ultimately, my calling. And like the old song; Every time I feel the spirit moving in my heart, I will pray.  


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