Saturday, February 08, 2014

Here is as good of an explanation as any of my absence from blog posting. I've been distracted. Most mornings I will be found walking; to and over the bridge into Chestertown (I live about a mile from there) and taking pictures, for several months now. Funny, I've never done this before. But it's become a thing; especially on my Facebook timeline (personal page), where I've been posting several images a day for all this time. It's a "fruit of the spirit" thing, really; external evidence of inward growth. Artist types are (ideally, at least) searching souls; seeking to grow, reaching for truth. We are all on a journey, and travel a (lifelong) path woven into the larger tapestry of providence. The last year or so of my personal journey has been particularly transformative. Not anything new really, while actually, everything is. Put another way; I am blessed to be more in connection with who I am than ever before. And blessed is the word. it's a God thing, totally. In stillness of mind, the heart can know, and find it's way. It's a new day. And each (new) day brings long walks, encounters with beauty, and a new drive and discipline to practice as I've never had. Come to one of my performances sometime. I suspect you will notice. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we will notice.

Sunday, February 09, 2014  

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