Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rehoboth Beach jazz festival weekend is now in the books. I have described this weekend, in the past, as an "in the trenches" sort of thing. The "official" festival went smooth some years back, largely abandoning more traditional jazz, and the local/regional musician who perform it. The local restaurants and clubs have not, though, by in large; and jazz fest weekend has always been a busy one for me, performing with Mike McShane (in different configurations) around town. And now a new wrinkle (or crease, or maybe even tear); a new jazz festival has sprung up to compete with the existing one. Now in it's second year, the "True Blue Jazz Series" has tripled it's sponsorship, and similarly expanded it's performing venues and band slots. Saturday (10/18) was a taste of that for me, and a fun day; performing 3 shows, all including Geoff Gallante. I think it's safe to say that Geoff and I have our own rapport, which we lived (and played) in throughout the day. In the picture above, we are setting up for the bandstand afternoon performance, which started it off (grateful to have the wind in my face while on the bandstand) . In an earlier post (on my "news" blog), I detailed the venues and the musicians I would perform with. So I'll just add here that it was all successful, and fun. I was first introduced to the Rehoboth music scene near to a decade ago, and it has become an important piece of my world. Grateful for it. 


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