Thursday, January 01, 2015

I am seldom accused (actually never, in my memory) of being unambitious. As a youngster, I took on 2 paper routes (with competing newspapers) as soon as I was old enough, earned the rank of Eagle scout at the youngest possible age, began in home piano teaching and gigging as soon as I received my driver's licence (and kept the paper routes), and so on. Skipping ahead, I supplemented my education in my 30's to receive a certification as a Music Therapist and (combining those contract opportunities with other performing) maintained 400-600 gigs/year (depending on how you counted) for over a decade. Several years ago, things began to change, both slowly and all at once. As circumstances have evolved around (and through) me, I find myself in a new place, with a new, or redirected energy. If you have been reading this blog, then you are aware to some extent of what I mean. We are all on a journey, and perhaps a reasonable summary statement of mine, at this point, is to have arrived at the place where I can say; "It's not what I do, it's who I am."  I'm asserting this not as a platitude, but more as a commitment, or procedure, or lifestyle, or something. Another way to say it, with more recently adopted terminology, is that I am learning more to live thru the lens from which I actually view; not my head, but rather my heart. So now this ambition (or drive, or restlessness, or ...) has me walking several miles a day (learning how to "feel" moments and capture than with my phone camera), returning home to spend a considerable chunk of my day practicing at the piano. This is notable for two reasons; First, that I am practicing (far) more (in time and consistency) than I ever have in my life. Second, that I realize I need this time to get myself in the place I need to be. In other words; to be who I am, on any given day, I need to work it out from the piano first. What it amounts to is that much of the day has become preparation for the gig (performance) at night. This is how I have taken myself (been taken) to that next place. It is certainly a journey of faith. The picture above was taken by a friend, from her car, as I walked the Chester River Bridge (which I am somewhat famous in these parts for doing, small town and all). And as I walk, I am never alone. 


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