Thursday, February 26, 2015

Have dodged the weather bullet this year, in terms of gigging, until last weekend. Was playing in Rehoboth on Saturday night, where the snow and ice storm that hit Delmarva was mostly rain. It was eventually going to turn to rain everywhere, and I was hoping the timing of that would allow me to return home that evening. Unfortunately, any trip east from my home involves significant 2 lane road time. And some of those roads, particularly going to Rehoboth/Lewes, are lesser travelled. About half way home, entering one of those lonely stretches, it was clear that I would be going no further. So I made it back to the highway and continued to Dover. DE. I found myself in an old chestnut frame of mind, by then. Back in the day, I would frequently find myself driving around the Midwest, performing concerts in small churches. And when alone, I would always look for a Super 8. Nothing (even close to) fancy, but perfectly adequate to sleep and not get hurt. Arriving in Dover after one in the morning, I felt the old habit directing my car. It's been several years since I have travelled (for work), and decades since the drive around the country thing. Have always felt that this chapter (a new version of it) would open up again. When it does, I will be ready with my super 8 directory. A creature of habit I am. 


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