Thursday, February 12, 2015

I recently revisited my very first attempt to post on YouTube, back in 2007. Any learning curve tends to be long (and often bumpy) for me, including things that are touted to be of the "snap your fingers" ilk. I finally made the ripping process work, from a DVD I had received of a concert, only to discover that I had messed up the screen dimensions, giving me whale like attributes. By that point, I was exasperated enough not to care (too much), and began my YouTube journey with the above video post of "Somewhere Out There", from a concert in Newark, DE. Now, hundreds of posts later, it can be argued that my YouTube presence is not as tight or as efficient as it ought to be. I am continuing to post from time to time, but also working on cleaning up the overall presentation, both on YouTube and on my website in general. I find it encouraging though, that my first YouTube video post remains one of my favorites.   


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