Saturday, November 07, 2015

Still taking pictures, although my relationship with them is shifting. Where I am focused, or purpose to be is not on the picture, but on my own connection to what is around me. This is in contrast to when I began taking pictures when I first got a smart phone, a couple of years ago. Once I realized that the pictures were a thing, I was focused on taking them; motivated to get a nice shot. Now I find myself in the place of understanding (I use that word cautiously) that this is first about my own experience. I can then have myself in a position to share that experience with others. In others words, find the space/connection, take the picture. Not take pictures in search of the space. To capture a moment means to seek the moment, not the capture. And to prioritize the moment, not the capture. Actually (ideally), to not care about the capture at all (this is a big shift).
The real take away for me here, is that this is precisely the process/means by which I have found the deeper levels of connection from the piano. Performing is about sharing the connection I find. Which means focusing sqaurely on that; not on the fact than I am performing, or that people are watching, or that I am supposed to be saying something. Rather (to pull a quote from an earlier blog post) that I am a bridge, touching those deeper places to which I am given; giving them expression to which I hand to others.
So these days, when someone asks me about picture taking, I tell them that it is a part of my piano practicing, which is exactly what it is.

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