Friday, June 12, 2015

The other day, a friend referred to me as a "prayer warrior". I have not been called that before, nor would I have thought of myself in those terms. I've heard it said of others and not thought twice, in the sense that the description seemed apt. Now that I actually think about it, it paints, to me, a bit of an aggressive, or assertive picture of one who engages God. It's a positive image to me; of someone looking past their own concerns to hold up the concerns of others. Knowing my ability to be self absorbed, I wouldn't give myself that much credit.
Upon reflection though, it is true that I have sought to cultivate prayer as a lifestyle; from playing piano to walking/picture taking, to learning to (better) listen, to just getting out of the way to find the awareness of "pray(er) without ceasing". The warrior image seems to suggest conflict or struggle against something, and maybe that's why I hadn't gotten there on my own. Words that ring of prayer to me are, among others; awareness, connection, surrender. A few days ago I posted this picture on Facebook with the caption, "If we say that the universe has aligned, we may mean that we have aligned with it." This is where prayer takes us, I believe; through the struggle, to a place of peace.   


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