Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reflecting on blessings I have received recently. Maybe I've been  told this before, and unable to hear, or perhaps not. Certainly, at least at many points along the way, it just wasn't true. But these days, I am told that my performances occur with little ego. Or that I am a(n uncharacteristically) humble musician. This is certainly new, at least as a conscious point within me. Or more accurately, to the extent to which it is true, it is the place to which I continue to arrive as I learn to more fully connect, and to get out of the way.
To get out of the way doesn't mean not to participate, but rather to move toward selflessness in it all. Kenny Werner (in Effortless Mastery) appropriately describes it as observing yourself from a detached place. As it has happened, this blog, over many years now, has become a chronicle of my growth in understanding, or perhaps better, the unveiling of this journey to me; a journey of letting go, of myself.
And it is in the very losing of myself that I have found myself, my connection, and the ability to share it, or be a reflection, or a bridge. My whole life's journey has brought me here, to this point. It is, indeed, humbling. and an affirmation that I continue to move toward where I need to be. 


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