Friday, May 20, 2016

Earlier this month, we inaugurated a First Monday Happy Hour with Joe, for the Independent Living residents of Heron Point. Like the Philadelphia Protestant Home, I began coming here in 1994, but on the health care side. Living in Elkton, MD at the time, Heron Point was my introduction to Chestertown, and the 36 mile drive down route 213 to get there. Frankly, it was that drive that sold me on the Eastern Shore, not long thereafter moving in this direction, first to Galena. So I guess you could say that all things Chestertown, for me, began here, at Heron Point. Now, 20+ years later, I have many friends, and the opportunity (unlike PPH, which is far away, and I only go a few times a year now) to perform throughout the community, in
various capacities for multiple populations; from health care, to church services to concerts and special events, and now, happy hour. These days I no longer regularly visit senior communities, particularly health care, focusing instead on public performance. Heron Point is the one exception, and a place where I have many friends. Grateful.  


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