Wednesday, October 19, 2016

After a 3 year run, the piano bar at JR's Pub has run it's course. It seemed fitting to use this picture, from after the room had emptied, on what wound up being the final night, a few weeks ago. For most of the run, Philip Dutton (who got it all started) and I shared Sunday nights, while I had Wednesday as my steady. A few months ago, we lost the Sunday, and it was apparent that Wednesday would go the same way. But we hung on for a time, as the community has always been solidly behind this, and wonderfully supportive. But management had moved on. Actually, all music has been suspended from JR's for some time, except for Wednesday night piano bar. So now, as businesses do, they have gone another way, and we all go on. But before this door closed, another door had swung wide open. The big picture is where we best keep our focus.   
So here is what I posted on Facebook, as I needed to let friends and fans know:

"... in everything give thanks ...
For 3 years, a highly improbable thing happened for a musician, in an isolated small town; a recurring gig - the "piano bar" at JR's Pub. Weekly at first, then 2 nights/week for much of the run before moving back to one. It said, and meant so much to me about this area, and the people who live here, to experience the support and love of so many. Over the course of the run, we continued to grow (slow but sure) to an average attendance that was, essentially, a full room. Though it has now run it's course (all music had been cut from JR's some months ago, while Wednesday piano bar night hung on, for awhile), there is much to look back and smile about, and be grateful for. A nice chapter in the journey. And .... Earlier this year an (even more) highly improbable thing happened: Mainstay Mondays. So now, all the energy goes there, as we continue to create quality programming each week, and I continue to be humbled and grateful for all the love and support. This area is a beautiful place to live. I'm glad I landed here ." 


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