Thursday, May 26, 2016

Recent months have been busy and full, with both blessings and challenges (which, ultimately, are also blessings). As things can get away from me, at times, for no good reason; give me a reason and a pothole will likely appear. So now, I'm getting back to this journal blog after a somewhat lengthy absence. Funny that, just recently, I was reflecting on something my father would say to me incessantly when I was young: "When you start something, you have to finish it". My dad and I are very different people. He was a career military man, and I am the creative contemplative go everywhere type. Needless to say, I struggle with the advise. Especially as most things I start (as most things I see or perceive) are open ended. Not so much a line from start to finish, but a journey. Evidence this journal. When will it be finished? I suppose whenever it is that I stop. 
In contrast to my father's admonition, my mother would give this advise when it came to managing the to-do pile: "Just pick a place and start". It has only been recently (and since her passing) that this has begun to truly sink in, and I begin to grasp the profundity of her words. The obvious piece of this advice is that you have to keep moving and plowing through.The tacit deeper place of this advice, that I am now realizing, is in that space between stop and start, stillness and movement, being and doing. And as this space becomes more familiar, I may actually be getting this, even if just a little. 


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