Monday, June 19, 2017

My privilege to be involved with the Washington College Jazz combo continues. Here are some photo memories of this past semester:
On May 22, vocalist Lis Engle joined me for Mainstay Monday, putting the finishing touch on her graduation weekend. Will miss having Lis in the combo.
A performance shot from our semester concert for the college, on April 30th. The kids nailed it!
Pre-concert pow-wow with Dr. Ken Schweitzer
On April 26th, we took a field trip to Blue House recording studio in Silver Spring, MD. Here's Ben getting situated in the drum room.
And Michael and Kevin, in another isolation room.
And Lis in hers. 
We also were invited to perform at several college functions where no one got pictures. But you get the idea. Am really enjoying this opportunity to encourage and work with the students, and looking forward to September!


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