Friday, December 02, 2005

I am getting sleepy...I am getting sleepy... No, I'm already sleepy. I wouldn't have been saying this (as often) twenty five years ago. It may not have been as much because I was younger, but because I wasn't burning the ends of both candles, or whatever that is. Late gigs are harder when keeping a full day schedule. I generally work nursing homes and senior communities throughout the day, or do office or church work (of which there is always more to do than time), and get up early (for a former night owl, who can't stay awake anymore), especially so when the kids are in school (today, my alarm went off at 5:40am). Long gone are the days where my work was simply to play a gig (most) every night, and teach students when it was convenient (never in the morning!). There was a good stretch, when in my early twenties, where I would often gig six nights a week, between two bands. Keeping the musician's schedule (going to bed around 5am and getting up at the crack of noon) came naturally. Oh, to be young(er) with fewer responsibilities! When I landed the food court gig (see the photos page on my website for a newspaper article which describes the gig), in the mid '80s, I had a difficult time dealing with starting at noon, I had to be out of bed by 10:30! I would fly (meaning, drive frantically) to the gig, and drink my "morning" cup of coffee on the break. That was a long time ago. I (try to) take more naps these days.


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