Friday, January 12, 2007

I am really enjoying myself when I play the piano these days. The last gig of my "triple" today (Thursday, but it's now after midnight) was at the Homestead Manor (assisted living) retirement community with the Midiri Brothers (my pseudo-siblings) and Sue Matthews. This was Sue's first time with us (as a unit). She was blown away. It was fun. Sue was great, and fit right in. There are still "bumps in the road" In this "spiritual"music making, but nonetheless, my playing has been transformed, and "healed". I was reminded tonight of a letter to a friend a couple of months ago. Recalling some of it here is relevant to my thoughts. Note: the name(s) have been omitted to protect the unsuspecting:
"I really believe that this is the time for me; that the "deck has been cleared" for me to now go out, as me, and make a contribution, as I seek to connect with people. I am certainly in the early stages of this pilgrimage, I feel, but DYHWIH shows glimmers (even if faintly) of the light that I am following. Things really have transformed for me, and I believe that, in time, I will learn to better make my way around this (to some extent) new place. I am responding (as best I can, and not entirely consistently) to this spiritual connection, and people are responding to me. The Mainstay event on Sat. was wonderful, as I felt strongly connected. This connection, that I now find more often than not, and never (anymore) really not, which places me outside of me when playing, is wonder and joy to me. I can only feel warmth inside as I watch this all begin to come together. I look forward to the future. It's good to feel called."


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