Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yesterday (Friday, since it's after just after midnight on Saturday night, this post will say Sunday) I took and passed my music therapy recertification exam. We (music therapy types) are given the choice of accumulating continuing education units or taking a recertification exam every 5 years. I am (definitely) in favor of learning, but taking the exam seems to make more sense given my (at times) impossible schedule. During the exam, however, I was confronted with something I knew, but sometimes manage not to think about; in recent years, it seems even more difficult (it was never really easy) to physically sit still. Also, the already short "attention span" appears to be shrinking. Back when I was in school breezing through a test was (perhaps with selective memory here) the norm. I remember one test in high school where (I was sleepy) I feel asleep while taking a test (with my head down on the desk). I don't know how long I was asleep, but I remember that the 10 minute bell woke me up. I completed the test and was still the first to hand it in. Yesterday, however, a test in which I'm given 3 hours to complete took me...(just short of)...3 hours (during which time I lost track of how many times I had to stand up). Thereafter I needed food, coffee, and a place to walk. But I passed. Next time you see me play piano and notice that I can't sit still you'll know you've found the right Joe Holt (there are other Joe Holts, but that's another story).


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