Saturday, December 02, 2006

A lot of reflection this morning (nothing new, really). It took a long time, but I've developed this new paragraph to potentially add to my bio/press release. In the continuing saga of attempting to understand what I do, and then struggling to somehow try to (verbally) convey it, I now offer:

"Known for his expressive, and often animated performances, Joe's unique approach to solo jazz piano reaches out to the listener. Joe is grounded in the traditional influences (e.g.. Nat King Cole, Erroll Garner, Fats Waller, Oscar Peterson), and has built upon this foundation a diverse and relevant presentation. When performing, Joe experiences the spiritual connections that music makes. His audiences, though it may be stated in other terms, get this as well; "expressive playing"..."a joy to behold"..."boundless and infectious"..."Joe touches lives wherever he goes."


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