Friday, September 29, 2006

Sitting in the lobby of the Super 8 in Gainesville, Fla. Arrived last night after my concert in Greenville, SC Wednesday. I'm more relaxed now (but distracted by the television). I built tension into my schedule by working Sullivan's (in Wilmington, De) Tuesday night, and pulling away at 11:30pm. After crashing in Ashland,Va later that night, I drove aggressively (but responsibly, I think), to arrive at the church with 40 minutes to go. The good news, for me, is even with that, I was able to settle in to the zone/spiritual place during the gig, despite not having any warm up/sit at the piano time (which, at the point just before hit, was frustrating). This idea of "falling out of self-absorption", and stepping outside myself to a spiritual place when performing, has changed everything. Last week, I devoted a day, and recorded my entire Christmas CD. Before now, that degree of focus and consistency would have been out of reach, and something I certainly wouldn't have planned for. I did plan this way, however, for last week's session, believing/having confidence in this work of God in me. I think we can call this responding in faith. It's all exciting to me, as I ride the ride and discover where it goes.


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