Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm sitting in the rec room of the Sunshine Village Condos, in Mammouth Lakes, Calif. This is my sloe option for internet (wi-fi) access here. We're appraoching the mid-point of the jazz festival , and I am (still) enjoying being a part of this scene. Speaking of scene(ary), it is strikingly beautiful here, and a far cry from anything back east. The town is about 8,000 ft above sea level, and you do feel it. Other than being more strenuous to catch my breath, the big place I feel it is when sleeping (I have learned now that insomnia is one of the altitude adjustment symptoms). The first night I woke up 5 times, last night 3, so I'm probably adjusting. Even so, I still don't feel quite right, and am looking forward to more air. I still think it's funny that they hold an (in essense) arts festival where the medium for the art (air) is compromised. They say the trumpet players feel it the most. Glad I left mine home (so are the patrons, but they don't know that).


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