Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's looking like we are going to pull off (in God's provision) having the Midiri Brothers project in our hands in Sacramento on Memorial day weekend. Under the gun, but getting it done. Here are the first draft liner notes for "Joe Holt presents the Midiri Brothers - The Other Brother"
Beginning in high school in the mid 1970's a brotherhood was born. Not of blood, certainly (no Italian in mine), but of shared persuits, shared vision, shared faith. Strained at times, vibrant at others, together, then apart, the connection, the brotherhood remains, to be picked up again as if nothing changed . And that's what relatives (brothers) do , of any stripe. They keep rediscovering home, to continually find that they still have a place. A place not to live, but in which to remain connected, acknowledging that some bonds are just not to be severed. So here we are, 30+ years later, living the perpetual reunion, coming back home (as long as someone remembers to take out the garbage).


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