Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sorry that I've been "away" for so long. I was surprised to see that it's been 2 1/2 weeks since I last checked in. It's been pretty intense, and it's going to continue that way (it has to, at least for now) so I'm going to have to adjust. One "adjustment" is giving in to coffee drinking again (I love coffee, but it doesn't always love me) - now traveling up the yo-yo (or down, I have a bad sense of direction). It's really an exiting time; so much going on. Here's just the current recording agenda:

  • Just released solo CD (Playing By Heart), now diving into promotion
  • Producing a CD of original songs by Grace Rustan (a local songwriter)
  • Beginning a CD project for Beth McDonald (watch out for this one)
  • Beginning a (rush - for festivals in later spring) trio CD with the Midiri Bros.
  • Planning a comedy CD with Brian Whitaker (what am I thinking!!!)

When I look at that list (which doesn't mention the Bryan Clark project or the solo Christmas CD that I plan to start soon), the thing that's different now is not so much the ambitious planning, but that the projects are actually happening! I still feel that this (2006) is my breakthrough year. We'll see.


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