Thursday, January 19, 2006

I should be checking in here more often. This is a habit that is yet to "gear up" to what I hope it to be. Give it time, Joe. One handicap is that I still don't have a computer at home. Instead, I use the (church) office computer, and get on line otherwise as I can. I will be acquiring a usable pc in the next week or so, and that should help. The reason that I should be here more frequently is that there is so much going on. I've never been busier (and this is not a bad time in my life, all things considered, for that to be so), nor have I had so much potential all around me. I am neglectful not to have commented on the events of the past couple of weeks. Rather than backtrack here (I'll try to get back more often to catch up), I'll just mention last night. I was engaged to take part in a tribute to Dr. Maria Boria, and a benefit for her clinic; Women Helping Women, in Chestertown, MD. All of the local (mostly professional) female singers were there, and I was the designated accompanist. Took me back a little to my "working at the amateur night" days (I should write about that sometime), except that there was very little amateur about the evening. I have enjoyed all the playing I've been doing lately, but especially so last night, because it was all accompanying. It (accompaniment) will (likely, but who knows?) never be my "bread and butter", but may always remain my strongest expression. Someone told me last night, while paying a compliment, that it "takes a special talent" to do what I do. I sought to redefine it (successfully, I think) to be understood more as an expression of one's temperament. Of all playing situations, this one comes most naturally to me.


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