Monday, January 09, 2006

Last night ,we presented the first "installment" of our "Second Sunday Concert Series" for 2006, at the church at which I serve (Chestertown MD. Church of the Nazarene). This is not the typical concert approach most often found in churches. It is rather an opportunity for musical artists - the most substantive I can find who are willing to come - to be themselves, and present their craft, and talent to the glory of God. Last night there was no shortage of substance, or talent, or the glory of God. I had been trying to "prepare" people for the concert by Bryan Clark, which took place last night, but some first encounters we're never quite prepared for. We just deal with it (not entirely unlike the first time I heard an Art Tatum recording as a teenager). I had to coax Bryan somewhat that it was really okay to present his "secular" (I'll comment on that word some other time, it will take too long now) songs/entertainment in the church. I think now Bryan may better understand that God is glorified in creative, artistic substance (read Romans 1 or Psalm 19 concerning general revelation - or - God's revelation in all creation). Bryan did give a personal "testimony" of the work of God in his life, and sang a couple of gospel songs, (including a very strong and sincerely delivered closer) so that he put the whole package (so to speak) on display. God wants our "whole package", and intends to use the "whole package". We all need to learn that more deeply. Thank God for all the opportunities He gives.


Anonymous Terry Anthony said...

God has blessed all His children with speical gifts. Through prayer we come to know our individual gifts and, as His disiples, we are bound to use them to His glory. Amen. God must have been well pleased with the marvelous display of His craftmanship this past Monday night during the concert at the Church of the Nazarene. If talent reflects substance, it was a very substantive performance! I felt blessed to be present and doublely so to be in God's own venue!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006  

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