Friday, January 27, 2006

I feel like a real musician today. Not that I don't other days, or that I'm not (although others will be the judges) already real. I have, though, sidestepped some of the more stereotyped (typically sideman) experiences because of the heavy niche work that I do, and because I try to keep my schedule structured to be (out of necessity) "daytime functional". Yesterday, though, after performing 3 shows in nursing facilities during the day (and already being tired from previous days of burning the ends of both candles) , I arrived at the recording studio for an evening editing session, where Bryan Clark and Alan Dale were already at work on their collaborative album and demo project (this is an undertaking of heavy artistic substance, and will potentially make a serious impact. I am pleased to be represented as Bryan's musical director). We all were fully engaged until (I think) around or after 1 am. We then went to an all night truck stop for "dinner" and a business meeting. I arrived home at 4:20 am. I know that I got up to get my daughter ready for school at 5:45am, but I'm not sure how much I remember it. Being already locked in by a morning gig today, I've just been plowing. Years ago, when I had a full load of students and regular recitals, my ER doctor student came to play coming right off a 36 hour shift. He practically stumbled into the the church and said with a smile: "who needs drugs when you've got fatigue". I'm having fun today.


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