Sunday, March 26, 2006

Two in a row! This being Sunday, I spent the morning with my (somewhat) unique set of responsibilities at the Chestertown Church of the Nazarene. We've come a long way in my 3 1/2 years on staff as (now titled) Worship Arts Director. I regret getting sidetracked on my book about music in worship. The comprehensive premise (if that phrase means anything) that I am trying to develop is: that God's revelaton occurs with equal validity (to scripture) in creation, therefore music in the church should not be handled in any way as a cultural commodity, but as God's communication, and treated with the same care and respect as the pastor's sermon. The implications of this alternative outlook are deep and numerous to those overseeing music in worship, and begin with a call to substantive artistic expression with an underlying trust of God at work in all this. The rest gets more difficult to express, so I must trudge on.


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