Saturday, March 18, 2006

2 1/2 weeks again? I feel like I just blinked (actually, that's not so uncommon)! The pace is, well, not slowing down. I feel like I'm learning every day, and that "life begins at 45". There is always a danger with me of spinning many plates (I neglected to mention 2 additional recording projects in the last entry), and then walking away from the "maintenance" (leaving the plates in later need of reconstruction). I also have to discipline myself to simply "hang in there". I really feel that I need (want) an Administrative Assistant/ Office Manager. It's not time yet. Squarely related to the above, another danger for me is to get ahead of myself. I am shown again and again that God delivers the right provision at the right time. Did I mention that I can be impatient?
Tonight is my first solo concert at the "Mainstay"; a small venue (capacity around 130), but significant for me right now as a first step into a realm that I have heretofore not pursued (but life begins at 45). I expect to have fun tonight, and purpose that we all will.


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