Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I do not have (certain) gifts of administration. My daughter Charie,however, can control and organize in 15 minutes what would take me 3 hours (I don't believe I'm exxagerating). Many will say to me that thay don't know how, or are amazed by, or envious of what I do. I'll accept that, but will they (you) accept this: I don't know how, am amazed by, envious of; Someone who can work on a paper or project for an hour and stay on task. Someone who has an internal sense of organization who doesn't have to write down every last thing because it can stay in their mind. Someone who can walk into a room and know what to do next. Someone who can keep their desk neat, their car clean. I may have what's considered a talent, but upon analysis might best be described as imbalance.


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