Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's spiritual. I get it now (by this I mean that the door has been cracked open to a new and growing awareness). The "zone" to which I sometimes refer is, indeed, a spiritual place. It appears that Christians (of all people) resist the concept of things spiritual. Yes, I said that. My Christian heritage (which I treasure) emphasizes "truth" (this worked for me, until my "inner existentialist" took over). A pastor friend recently said to me, after a conversation with another Christian: "his spirituality is (holding his thumb and index finger about a half an inch apart) about this wide. Can we say this? Isn't Christianity about resting in "truth", and if you have the "truth", you are spiritual (negating any broader spirituality to which people often refer)? 30 years ago I would have said yes. Now I would read that and see small-minded arrogance. You may call this simply semantics, but read "God" over "truth" in the previous question, and the universe opens up. I have learned to re-think the idea of "getting it right". God already has gotten it right, and now I can rest in God. Okay, now restate the question: Isn't Christianity about resting in God, and if you have God, you are spiritual? Yes. It is in the spiritual place that (my) music is made. I am now beginning to understand to find the "portal" away from myself (in multiple respects), jumping off of musical construction (in my mind), to fall out of self-absorption, and into a spiritual place (with no formulas, incantations, or verbally invoking the name of Jesus. He is already there). Communicate in the spiritual, and you reach people spiritually, This has always been the deal with me, but now I get it. My last few gigs have been eye-opening for me, in this regard. God is at work. I love it.


Anonymous David said...

That spiritual place is so cool. If I could name it I would name it grace. I can stay in this place just about this long (hold im thumb and index finger just about a half inch apart). But it is wonderful while I am there.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Yes, yes, yes! God has already gotten it right, and now we can rest in Him.

But, Joe, you know how I think. As we have often said, "Let's define our terms." What does "spiritual" mean?

You wrote, "... if you have God, you are spiritual". Is that true?

Can we be spiritual without God? If we can, then isn't the object of life to align our spirits with God's Spirit?

Is consciousness of God a prerequisite for being spiritual?

Or are we spiritual because God is spirit and He created each of us in His image?

Whatever the case, you've got to love being "in the flow!"

Just wondering ... just more existential angst around the campfire.

Thursday, June 08, 2006  
Blogger Joe Holt said...

I love you Jonathan (don't get nervous, Kim, it's okay)!

Thursday, June 08, 2006  
Anonymous Grace said...

I believe that being spiritual is seeking to know God's Will and being obedient to it. God is a Spirit and all that truly worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and Truth. The word of God is Truth and so it must be our standard in all that we think and consider. The Bible tells us to "Do all we do as unto the Lord". Your music, Joe, is a gift from the Lord and I felt the Lord's presence as you played for "Songs For Sarah" amd that was spiritual to me. I felt that you were performing that evening " as unto the Lord". the Lord moved your fingers on the keyboard with special unction and the result was "heavenly and harmonious" to the delight of all that heard it and I'm certain that it will be for Sarah. May God's Spirit continue to guide you through adversity and joy for your good and His Glory.

Friday, June 09, 2006  

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