Saturday, May 27, 2006

Did I say "off to the races"? Yup. Our first set (and everything else around that time), was made more challenging by the visit of (Mexican president) Vincente Fox to our hotel. The security presence was extreme, but understandable, I suppose. I heard that earlier he decided to walk to whatever venue he was to visit, the result of which was the shutting down of 8 blocks. Oh (well). Once in route to our first stage in Old Sacramento, we encountered a parade (put on by the festival - what planning) that blocked our van(s) from proceeding. We schlepped all of our stuff several blocks through town to find that, as of 15 minutes before hit, the (rented) vibes had not yet arrived. All this (in addition to a carton of pre-shipped band CD's getting misplaced), I'm told, is normal festival mayhem (the vibes did show up). We played 3 concerts today. I felt increasingly comfortable with each one. Tomorrow (Saturday) the crowds will be bigger. More mayhem?


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