Friday, June 16, 2006

The last entry has provoked a variety of feedback, both on the blog and off. With the exception of Jonathan and David (my chaplains), there is (at least) an undercurrent of "the Bible is truth" in response (if not polite disagreement) to my emphasis. Before you go there -yes, of course, Jonathan and David affirm the Bible, and so do I. Jonathan has a phrase 'let the Word be the Word - let the Word do it's work", which is all about resting wholly in God, and getting out of the way. It's the getting out of the way part that (I believe) rubs human nature the wrong way. That is certainly my struggle, and underlies what I was addressing last time. I wasn't writing to stake a theological position initially (that stuff just came out), but rather, to share in my excitement of my newfound understanding. The phrase "falling out of self-absorption" has stuck with me as the essence of it all. Related to all this, my friend, Bruce Kaminsky (whom I often perform with at Sullivans, and with whom I've developed a genuine bond) will say "that two people can make music together is proof of the existence of God". I say, upon "falling out of self-absorption" it (whatever it is) is truly spiritual.


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