Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No one can (should) ever claim to be bored in my business. Here is a brief summary of my "workspace" over the past couple of days:
On Saturday, I had a gig in Princeton NJ at the Jazzfeast (an outdoor jazz festival) with Alan Dale's New Legacy Jazz Band. Nice baby grand on stage. Hard swinging band. Both (vocalists) Bryan Clark and Beth McDonald were with us (first time together). It was then off to downtown DC (always trouble for the "directionally challenged") for an evening gig (wedding reception) with Felicia Carter. This was my favorite gig of the weekend. It's cool to play with musicians who are coming from a somewhat different place as you (ultimately, everybody is). I had worked with Dominic (drums) and Jeff (bass) before. I didn't know Ted (sax). His reference points (historically) are not exactly mine, but we hit "common ground" immediately. He was enthused (and told me so) about my inner voice leading and melodic movement. This was quite validating to me (I'll try to comment in more detail at another time). The gig was at the Sewell-Belmont House (almost) across the street from the whole Capitol complex. This was in significant contrast to my gig the next (Sun) morning; backing up Karen Somerville and her gospel group for a "concert" at the "Rural Heritage Day" at the 4-H park in Queen Anne's County, Md. As I sat and waited (under the outdoor tent) for the gig to begin, watching the two cows (oxen?, I don't know) yoked together just outside the tent, I enjoyed the (concept of) the "change of scenery" from just 12 hours before. The next day (yesterday), I spent the day recording with Marc Moss at his new location: the "Baby Grand Opera House" in Wilmington De. It was fabulous! In all likelihood, I've completed my solo Christmas CD (in one day! First time for me.) This also deserves it own blog entry at some point. Now for today, my (not uncommon) "Tuesday triple" (ending with my 5 hour Sullivan's gig this evening). Did I mention that my work is seldom boring?


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