Sunday, November 12, 2006

This whole deal about leaving Bryan Clark has been difficult, including the interaction with those who follow Bryan with whom I have developed my own rapport. An e-mail from just such a friend evoked the following (excerpted) response:

".... Although I had no plans to abruptly leave the Bryan Clark scene (which has, at it's core, nothing to do with Bryan), I was conscious of the inner pull to move toward the opportunities for deepened creative expression. To this end, I have been working toward solidifying solo and concert opportunities with the goal of (spiritually/artistically) connecting with a larger audience. I hesitate to dogmatically proclaim God's "call" at this point, but this is what it feels like. Now, it seems, we "step up" the process. It is sad to see this (Bryan Clark) chapter end. I have invested a lot of time with Bryan, and he with me. I think, though, that he would agree that much positive has come of it. It was apparent to both of us that we were brought together in God's providence, and, at least to me, I can see how I've been able (used of God) to be helpful to Bryan along the way, and to be a part of bringing him to this current place of positive growth and commitment to his own expression (God's "call" on him). Looking back over what I just typed, it is apparent that I still have much bottled up, and there is much more that could come out. Suffice to say that recent weeks have had some unpleasant moments, but/and God is good. "


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