Saturday, February 03, 2007

Although this will post as Saturday (after midnight, so what else is new), this is the close of day (evening) 1 of the Central Illinois Jazz festival. We flew out today, and had (but) 1 set this evening. Too short, but it went well. It's nice, we all have our own rooms here in the conference center (this time I remembered to bring the earplugs in case I was rooming with Jimmy - a sometimes loud snorer, but it turned out not to be necessary). It's the most fun playing with the Midiri band when they have a 4 man rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar piano), which is not the case here. These days it's much less typical to see guitar and piano in the same rhythm section at the same time, since both instruments fill the same role. The boys used a 4 piece rhythm section for much of "A Shaw Thing". There are some good moments. In any case, though, this weekend will be fun.


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