Tuesday, January 16, 2007

These last few months have been somewhat of a rough ride, but only to a point. In addition to the general knowledge of the work of God in the "all things work together for good" department, I have the continued and specific encouragement of knowing and seeing things come together; spiritually, professionally, and personally, in and around me. These encouragements continue, and deepen (even as struggles and doubts are "still lurking about"*, but that's the human condition) . Last night (Sunday), I had my concert in Newark, which went very well. I did not feel wholly "connected" (at least consistently), but the audience/crowd/congregation was with me, and "my" communication to them was successful. This is what I'm after. Today we finalized the "negotiation" on a new station for Joe Holt's Notes on the Radio. Starting in February, there will be 2 stations: WNJC in Washington Twp., NJ (now the flagship station?), and WKDI in Denton MD (now I'm syndicated?)! I'll be getting in touch with Max to make the appropriate changes on the site. Until then, here's the new deal (copied from my Radio Show "program schedule" flyer that I actually made up myself:


WKDI 840 AM Denton,MD
serving: Eastern Maryland/Southern Delaware
Sunday 2-2:30pm (Beginning 2/4/07)

WNJC 1360 AM Washington Township, NJ
serving: Philadelphia/South Jersey
Thursday 9-9:30pm
Out of range? Listen to Joe's broadcast on WNJC online!
Visit http://www.joeholtsnotes.com/ and click on the microphone
to access on-line streaming (Thursday 9pm).

Listen anytime! Visit http://www.joeholtsnotes.com/ and click on the microphone to access the radio archive. Shows generally archive within 24 hours of airing.

Want a heads up? Visit http://www.josholtsnotes.com/ And visit the Newsletter page. Sign up and receive (in addition to monthly newsletters) weekly radio show content and performance announcements.

Enjoy the show!

* one of my favorite Daffy Duck lines


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