Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another "subconscious mind" account (pt. 2 from 3/30/07 post) - this one's my favorite:
There is always stuff happening in there, just above and just below the "squelch line". Often there will be a repeating tune "playing". If I become aware of this, I may begin humming it. One morning, upon awakening, I was consciously aware of "Out of Nowhere" playing "in the background". That was okay, I can handle that. As I get out of bed, however, then "I Love Lucy" quotes (involuntarily) on top of "Out of Nowhere". I stopped in my tracks, and audibly said something like: "Get me out of here!" It didn't work. Bruce Kaminsky calls the sometimes incessant quoting (it just happens, and others are often aware of it before I am) on gigs my "tourettes". Perhaps this just proves him right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe has been performing for the residents at the Philadelphia Protestant Home for the past 13 years. His program is entertaining and well attended. His use of themes create an individulized performance of the old favorties. Thank you Joe Holt for sharing the wonderful gift music with us! Sincerly,
Debbie Andrews AAC

Monday, May 07, 2007  

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