Saturday, April 14, 2007

"All you can do with an electronic instrument is have fun - because they're toys" - Keith Jarrett

I knew I liked him. I cannot exaggerate the difference in the entire process (for me) of making music (of which a large component is reacting to what I hear) with acoustically vibrating strings vs. electronic tones (which, no matter how "realistic" a sound sample, lack the acoustic richness and complexity). It's very different to play an electronic keyboard - yet, at times I am "forced" to (meaning that I am willing, at times, to surrender to the pragmatic). It ends up being substantively different, and not (at all, sometimes) what I would play, or hear, acoustically. Having, nearly 6 months ago, begun playing requests to lead off the radio show, I made the decision to allow myself to put cuts of solo keyboard stuff "out there" (if only over the air and on-line streaming. A "real" piano is not available at this time). Now I have collected enough reasonable tracks to produce a CD of these on-air requests. I think I'd like to do it. We'll see.


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