Friday, March 30, 2007

Working on disciplines. That, in itself, has become it’s own discipline. The "creative" mind is so active. In the time it takes me to get started with anything, multiple new concepts/ ideas/ opportunities are already revealing themselves. It’s not anything that turns on or off easily, it just is, at least in my world. I occasionally find an opportunities to "observe" my sub-conscious operate. One of these opportunities will occur when I am driving somewhere, then snapping out of auto pilot to (temporarily) not recognize where I am (even though I haven’t physically strayed off course - only in my mind). In that moment, I first acknowledge that it’s okay, because, I will soon realize where I am. I then make a conscious determination to not try to deduce where I am, but rather to enjoy the moment of trusting, and continue driving. Then it happens. I don’t will it; I don’t even want it, but I can "feel" my mind doing a "search", much as we would to on a computer. Though I am not consciously doing this, I am aware of "data" being analyzed and compared, even as I try to dis-engage. Then, alas, in probably not much more than a second, perhaps less, I become keenly aware of exactly where I am. The subconscious mind is not one to be tamed, especially mine.


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