Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If I get this finished within 11 minutes, then the posting date will be correct. At this point, the pressure of not having posted in over a week is driving me to type more so than any well developed idea. It is kind of zoo-ey, but (at times, at least) there's a certain comfort zone to that. My 2 oldest are pulling late nights at school all this week on the tech crew for the musical which opens Friday night. Another chance for Joseph and Charie' to work together (on the same "team") at school. It makes a dad happy. Something else that makes me happy (in a zoo-ey kind of way) is that the gigs have been piling in now. It's fair to say that some of that is a result of the increased sales agenda that I've imposed on myself in recent months. Still not making all of the goals, but moving the right way. A little legalistic here, but at least I've checked in. Okay, 2 minutes to go...


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